Other brands of weak current lightning arresters VS Australia and the United States

Lightning protection ground wire technology

1. It is not a pioneering technology.
2. The age of lightning-free lightning protection technology is relatively short.

1. The first DDW equipotential-free lightning protection ground wire technology in China has won the "Guangdong Provincial Major Scientific and Technological Research Achievement" Award issued by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Commission.
2. Founded in 1998, focusing on lightning protection for 20 years.

Signal lightning protection technology

1. Originally engaged in the manufacture of SPD lightning protection modules for grounding networks, and later added lightning protection products for weak electrical signals. It took time to understand the signal transmission loss.
2. For those who are engaged in other electronic products to turn over as weak electric signal lightning protection products, they still need some time to understand the signal transmission loss technology.
3. Originally engaged in the sales of lightning protection products and related businesses. After turning over the market to make weak electricity lightning protection products, the purpose of this type of lightning protection products is very clear. It is to grab customers at a low price and not consider technical issues.

1. The beginning was engaged in the manufacture of special products for transmission systems in the field of broadcasting and television, including television differential frequency converters, modems, and unidirectional two-way transmission amplifiers. The lightning protection ground wire technology was born because of the lightning protection design of the cable television network transmission system.
2. In 2003, he participated in the video, audio, network data and other signal transmission systems of the “Guangdong Armed Police Corps Communications Division” three-level network system. Implemented the province ’s networked joint development of lightning protection solutions under the supervision of the Corps Communications Division. Manufacturing and supply of lightning protection products. The lightning protection foundation for large-scale long-distance signal transmission systems is solid. Therefore, the manufactured signal lightning arrester has a precise starting voltage and low passing loss, and has no impact on the network transmission system.

Lightning protection start accuracy

The national standard for component deviation values is allowed within ± 20%. For example, the design and manufacture of power lightning arrester protection start voltage is 1000V. When components with deviation value ± 20% are selected, the entire batch of lightning arrester protection start voltages are respectively It ranges from 800V to 1200V, and the upper and lower deviation value is as large as 400V. And the power withstand voltage of general electronic equipment also has upper and lower limit deviation values. For example, the upper limit of the withstand voltage of an electronic device is 1100V, and the starting voltage of the optional lightning arrester is exactly 1200V. Before the lightning arrester can protect the equipment, it has been damaged by lightning.
1. At present, most other brands will use components with a conventional deviation value of ± 20%. The advantage is that the purchase price and cost are lower, but the protection starting voltage of each lightning protection device manufactured is different. Big.

Aiming at the point that the withstand voltage value of electronic equipment is at the critical point and is easily damaged by lightning, some people say that it is sufficient to lower the start-up protection voltage when designing it. The problem is not very serious for the manufacture of 220V power lightning arresters. Large, but it is not the same for the manufacture of signal lightning arresters for transmission systems. When the lower limit of the lightning protection start-up voltage is too low, the signal quality in transmission will be impaired.
1. The Australian and American high brand requires that the component deviation provided by the component supplier is within ± 4%. When the startup protection voltage is also 1000V, the startup voltage of the lightning arrester manufactured in batches has a deviation between 960V and 1040V. 80V. The disadvantage is that the purchase cost is very high, but the start-up voltage protection level of each lightning arrester is more accurate, and the Aomec brand will make targeted classification settings for electronic equipment used in different industries.

Signal transmission impact

For the manufacture of signal lightning arresters for transmission systems, when the lower limit value of the lightning protection start voltage is lower, the signal quality in transmission will be damaged, and when the upper limit value is higher, the lightning protection effect will be worsened. The signal port of the electronic device is easy Damaged by lightning.
Since some brands do not specialize in signal transmission technology, although they have some knowledge of signal sources, they are not familiar with the transmission impedance and distributed capacitance requirements of the signal system. In order to achieve no loss of the signal during the manufacturing process, there are certain The brand will reduce the impact on the transmission by reducing the component's contact with the signal channel. There are even some brands that seem to have a lot of components, but in fact some components are not connected. The products manufactured in this way have little effect on signal transmission, but the lightning protection effect is very poor.

Therefore, to design and manufacture a good signal lightning protection device, there should be three points. The first is the experience of processing various signal sources and transmission systems. The second is the experience of low-voltage lightning protection technology. The third is to choose a small deviation value. Components.
1. The Aomeco brand is familiar with the influence of transmission impedance and distributed capacitance requirements of various signal systems. It will choose some isolation devices that have a small impact on high-frequency transmission, plus the bias value of high-voltage lightning protection devices. In this way, a signal lightning arrester with a loss rate close to zero is manufactured. Being able to do a low-voltage lightning arrester with such precision is even more problematic for manufacturing single-phase three-phase voltage lightning protection accuracy.

Lightning protection stability

1. Most of the lightning protection products are not manufactured in accordance with national standards. The use of low-pass traffic as the standard traffic is a non-standard product and the quality cannot be guaranteed. (If the standard throughput is 40KA, it is actually only half of 20 ~ 30KA.
2. After installing weak current lightning arresters with large starting voltage deviations from other brands, the damage rate of the equipment by lightning strikes will range from about 1 to 5%. Some brands are even close to 10%. The overall lightning protection effect is not stable enough or thorough enough, but it is still prone to damage.

1. Lightning arresters manufactured by Australia, the United States and the United States strictly manufactured in accordance with national standards GB18802.1-2011, GB / T18802.21-2004, with ample traffic and a margin. (For example, when manufacturing a parameter indicating that the throughput is 40AK, the actual throughput will be greater than 45KA)
2. The overall lightning protection effect is thorough after the installation of the Australian and American high-voltage weak lightning arresters. After years of statistics from dealers, whether the lightning arrester itself is damaged or the equipment is damaged by lightning, the combined damage rate of the two is increased. Within 3 ‰, the overall lightning protection performance is quite stable.

Engineering quality value

1. The quality of the project is not high, and the low product price is the advantage of the current low cost of the project, but the overall project stability cannot be guaranteed, and the subsequent after-sales workload and costs are also large.

1. For those who have high requirements for project quality and product quality, they will find the price reasonable, because they are guaranteed the stability of the entire project, and the after-sale workload and costs are small.
2. If the quality of the project is not high, the price will be too expensive.