1. Call the national unified technical after-sales service telephone: 0760-88718698 (technical after-sales service line)
2. When the product fails, please do not disassemble and repair it by yourself. The product should be left as it is and tested and repaired by our professionals to obtain the normal warranty service;
3. Send the product together with the outer packaging and purchase order to our company (the purchase order can be photographed and sent to our customer service staff), and indicate the specific damage of the equipment;
4. Maintenance time: within 3 working days (excluding transportation time), if the product maintenance time exceeds the normal maintenance period due to special circumstances, Aomeco is responsible for providing spare products;
5. When you encounter problems during the use, please call the special line for installation and use guidance of the Australian and American high-tech department: 13925349862, and Australian and American high-tech technicians will provide you with professional answers.