Lightning protection power supply (AC24V + DC adjustable)

product name
Lightning power supply
Product ID
Product number
AL-20K-6663-PA5PD2 Professional
AC 24V power supply parameters
Input voltage AC 220V
The output voltage AC 24V
Output Power 50W
Output current 2A
DC power supply parameters (four gears adjustable)
Input voltage AC 220V
The output voltage DC 5V / 6V / 9V / 12V
Output Power Maximum 24W
Output current 2A-4A
Power lightning parameters
Operating Voltage AC 220V
Nominal discharge current 10kA (18 / 20μS)
Discharge current 20kA (18 / 20μS)
Response time ≤25nS
Load power ≤2.5kW
Level of protection <1.4kV
AC 24V lightning protection parameters
Operating Voltage AC 24V
Nominal discharge current 5kA
Discharge current 10kA
Lightning 12V DC parameters
Operating Voltage DC 12V
Nominal discharge current 5kA
Discharge current 10kA
Product configuration
①DC5 ~ 12V adjustable
②Ground / Equipotential Port
③ Output AC24V / 50W
④ Output DC12V / 24W
Product Size
a74 × b106.3 × c180mm
warranty period
Two years
shell material
Aluminum alloy
Installation method
Rail mounting
Product Features
①. Lightning protection for the total power supply of the front-end monitoring box (including 220V, AC24V, DC12V).
②. Provide AC24V power supply for a dome camera and DC (5V-12V adjustable) power supply for optical modem.
①. Use DDW equipotential lightning protection ground wire technology.
② Integrated design of integrated lightning protection and power supply, no need to buy switching power supply and reduce the occupied space, so that the wiring in the chassis is neat and the layout is beautiful.
Applicable industry and scope
①. Safe City-front-end monitoring equipment.
②. Intelligent transportation-front-end monitoring equipment.