Difference between switch-type surge protector and voltage-limiting surge protector


The switch-type surge protector is a gap-discharge type device, and its lightning energy discharge capacity is large. The main role used on the line is to discharge the lightning energy;
Surge protector
The voltage-limiting surge protector is a zinc oxide varistor device. Its lightning energy discharge capacity is small, but its overvoltage suppression capability is good. The main role of using it on the line is to limit the overvoltage.
Surge protector
Therefore, a switch-type surge protector is generally used at the entrance of a building to release lightning energy. A voltage-limiting surge protector is used in the waiting circuit to limit the discharge of lightning energy in the previous stage. Generated high overvoltage.
The two types of surge protectors must be used together to ensure the safety of the equipment in the power distribution line!