How to choose a surge protector for security monitoring


It is very important to choose the correct surge protector, and only the correct lightning arrester is selected, summing up. Talent really maintains security monitoring equipment.
How to choose a surge protector for security monitoring
Surge protector
Surge protector, surge protector is also called lightning arrester. Surge protector. Surge protector is the most commonly used type of lightning protector. It is different from network lightning protector and signal lightning protector in that it is mainly for surge protection of power system. The surge protector includes a power lightning protection module, a power lightning protection box, and a power lightning protection socket. The difference between a power lightning protection module and a power lightning protection box is the different size, the latter is more powerful and has a lightning counter.
Due to the powerful electromagnetic pulses of lightning strikes, the security industry suffers from induced lightning damage from lightning. Induced lightning damage refers to the lightning in the discharge process. Through the conductive body, all electronic and communication equipment within a certain range were severely damaged. Such damage does not necessarily have obvious lightning strikes, but once it occurs, it will seriously affect the normal operation or shutdown of electrical equipment. For example, the instantaneous overvoltage of some large electrical equipment will invade indoor electrical equipment and network equipment through power lines, antennas, network cables and other lines more and more, causing damage to equipment or components, temporary paralysis of electronic equipment, system suspension, and data transmission Outages, LAN and WAN damage. However, the surge protector is a guardian that protects electrical equipment from being struck by lightning through modern advanced lightning protection technology. "
To better prevent lightning strikes, therefore. More comprehensively ensure the safety of the equipment. Everyone chooses a lightning protection device for daily equipment protection, but it also occurs that the lightning protection device is easy to be damaged and has no protective effect. Then the lightning protection device needs to have some skills in the selection. Take a look at the selection techniques.
Surge protector
First, the basic principles of surge protector selection
After all, thunder and lightning are flowing in from all around. Secondly, it is necessary to determine the type and number of outside lines at the maintenance point. First of all, it must be determined that the electrical equipment maintenance point can be maintained in all directions. Just like a power cord. The last is to choose the corresponding lightning arrester for different types of external lines, that is, the power line should choose a surge protector.
Second, the correct optional surge protector
Take local power 220V or centralized power DC12VAC24V1 to determine the power supply mode.
TTTN is also an IT system, and 2 determines the power distribution system. Only by knowing the power distribution system can we determine the single-phase, three-phase, wiring methods, etc., and clarify the position of the product device, and then choose the appropriate surge protector.
3Determine important parameters such as the nominal voltage, rated voltage, rated discharge current, maximum discharge current, and voltage maintenance level of the surge protector.
Third, choose a qualified surge protector
Safe performance is guaranteed. On the selection of manufacturers, when selecting lightning protection products, select products that have passed the detection of the lightning protection center. As far as possible, choose a manufacturer with years of lightning protection experience to ensure that the lightning protection products work after sale. For example, Australia and the United States have years of lightning protection products, product quality is good, currently in radio and television, security, IT communications, power and other fields have been widely used, the security lightning protection market is also the first industrial production of enterprises.