What is the difference between a surge protector and a lightning arrester?


At present, lightning protection products mainly include surge protectors and arresters. What is the difference between a lightning arrester and a surge protector? The so-called lightning arrester, maintenance equipment maintenance equipment. It is an electrical appliance used to maintain electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage hazards and limit the freewheeling time. It also often limits the freewheeling value. Lightning arresters are sometimes called overvoltage maintainers and overvoltage limiters. Surge protectors, surge protectors, also known as surge protectors, surge protectors, etc., mainly include power surge protectors and signal surge protectors. Surge protectors are prevented by modern electricity and other technologies Damage to equipment struck by lightning.
Surge protector
From the literal description of the product, maybe many friends do not understand what is the difference between a lightning arrester and a surge protector, and how to choose these two types of lightning protection products. Although the surge protector and the arrester both have the function of preventing over-voltage, especially lightning over-voltage, there are actually many differences in application. Then, let me take a look at the difference between the arrester and the surge protector:
Voltage level
In terms of voltage levels, lightning arresters have multiple voltage levels, ranging from 0.38KV low voltage to 500KV UHV, while surge protectors generally have only low voltage products.
Installation system
In terms of installation systems, lightning arresters are mostly installed on the primary system to prevent direct intrusion of lightning waves, while surge protectors are mostly installed on secondary systems. After the lightning arresters have eliminated the direct intrusion of lightning waves, or the lightning arresters have not eliminated the lightning waves When the surge protector is used as a supplementary measure.
Surge protector
Maintenance of equipment
In terms of maintenance equipment, lightning arresters are used to maintain electrical equipment, while surge protectors are mostly used to maintain instruments or meters.
Product Size
In terms of product size, because the lightning arrester is connected to the electrical primary system, it must have sufficient external insulation performance. Most of the appearance dimensions are relatively large, while the lightning arrester is connected to low voltage, and the appearance size is mostly small.