Auto-reclosing leakage protector (II) (20A output with lightning protection)

product name
Automatic reclosing leakage protector (Ⅱ)
Product ID
Product number
AA-SCM-56-DB20 (LP) Professional
Technical Parameters
Working voltage range 85-285VAC
Rated load current 20A
Overcurrent protection current 1ln
Leakage protection current ≥30mA
Over-voltage operating current ≥275V
Under-voltage operating voltage ≤100V
Leakage short circuit protection time ≤0.1S
Over-current disconnect protection time 2S
Short-circuit protection time ≤0.1S
Over-voltage and under-voltage protection time ≤3S
Closing allowable load impedance ≥20Ω
Lightning protection parameters of output device
Nominal discharge current 10KA (8 / 20uS)
Discharge current 20KA (8 / 20uS)
Level of protection <1.4kV
Product configuration
① Load current exceeds 10A to start overload protection ② Lightning protection of output equipment
Product Size
a71.3 × b101 × c91mm
warranty period
Three years
shell material
Flame retardant plastic
Installation method
Rail mounting
Product Features
1. Leakage protection, power can be automatically restored after tripping 2. With lightning protection for output equipment
1. Use DDW equipotential lightning-proof ground wire technology.
2. Two-in-one design of automatic reclosing and lightning protection eliminates the need to purchase lightning protection devices and reduces the occupied space, while reducing the total cost of the project.
Applicable industry and scope
It is suitable for outdoor weak current equipment boxes such as security industry / broadcasting industry / communication industry / intelligent transportation.