Lightning arrester (single phase 80KA)

product name
Lightning arrester
Product ID
Product number
AL-20K-6663-SP80 Professional
Technical Parameters
Operating Voltage AC 220V
Maximum working voltage AC 385V
Nominal discharge current 40kA (8 / 20μS)
Discharge current 80kA (8 / 20μS)
Response time ≤25nS
Load power Unlimited parallel, series ≤6.5KW
Product configuration
①Ground / Equipotential Port
Product Size
a74 × b95 × c126mm
warranty period
Three years
shell material
Aluminum alloy
Installation method
Rail mounting
Product Features
Single-phase power supply in the computer room system
1. Uses instantaneous balanced voltage lightning protection technology, which can continue lightning protection when the grounding resistance value becomes large.
2. It can be connected to the original standard lightning protection ground wire. When the resistance of the local line changes greatly, it will continue to effectively protect against lightning to achieve double protection.
3. The lightning arrester failure protection function connected in series is installed to prevent the equipment from being damaged by lightning due to failure to replace the lightning arrester in time when lightning strikes are frequent during the lightning season.
Applicable industry and scope
1.Single-phase 220V power supply equipment suitable for computer room systems such as security industry (safe city) / broadcasting industry / communication industry / intelligent transportation / Xueliang project