Lightning arrester (18KA hanging type)

product name
Lightning arrester
Product ID
Product number
AL-20KGL · 31 · P18 practical type
Technical Parameters
Operating Voltage AC 220V
Maximum working voltage AC 275V
Nominal discharge current 9kA (8 / 20μS)
Discharge current 18kA (8 / 20μS)
Response time ≤25nS
Load power ≤1.0kW
Product configuration
① Input terminal with wiring method
② Output terminal with wiring method and five-hole socket × 1
③Ground / Equipotential Port
④ Equipped with equipotential ports for combination
Product Size
a46 × b92 × c63mm
warranty period
Three years
shell material
Aluminum alloy
Installation method
Rail mounting
Product Features
Lightning protection of weak electrical equipment power supply
1.Use DDW equipotential lightning-free ground wire technology
2.Can be used in combination with signal products produced by our company
Applicable industry and scope
1.Suitable for front-end related equipment of security industry (Xueliang Project)
2.Suitable for radio and television industry / communication industry / intelligent transportation / electricity meter reading