Signal lightning arrester (Gigabit network)

product name
Signal lightning arrester (Gigabit network)
Product ID
Product number
AL-20K-6631-NG Professional
Technical Parameters
Operating Voltage DC 3V
Working current /
Short-circuit current 2.5kA (8 / 20μS)
Open circuit current 5kV (1.2 / 50μS)
Transfer rate 10 / 100Mbps
Response time ≤1nS
Product configuration
① Gigabit network × 1 port
②Ground / Equipotential Port
Product Size
a40.4 × b92 × c31mm
warranty period
Three years
shell material
Aluminum alloy
Installation method
Hanging installation
Product Features
Network equipment Gigabit network port lightning protection
① Use DDW equipotential lightning-proof ground wire technology.
② Can be used in combination with our company's combination power supply type lightning arresters.
Applicable industry and scope
It is suitable for network transmission related equipment such as security industry, broadcasting industry, communication industry, intelligent transportation, financial education system, computer industry and so on.