Surge Protector (Single Phase SPD 40kA)

product name
Surge Protector (Single Phase)
Product ID
Product number
AL-SPD-51-40 / 2 practical type
Technical Parameters
Operating Voltage AC 380V
Maximum working voltage AC 385V
Nominal discharge current 20kA (8 / 20μS)
Discharge current 40kA (8 / 20μS)
Response time ≤25nS
Load power /
Product configuration
① With module 40kA × 2 pieces
Product Size
a74 × b96.5 × c35mm
warranty period
Two years
shell material
Flame retardant plastic
Installation method
Rail mounting
Product Features
Machine room single-phase 220V power supply 2-3 level lightning protection
①. Use with standard lightning protection ground wire.
②. There are many choices of 20KA, 40KA, 60KA, and the use is more flexible.
Applicable industry and scope
It is suitable for single-phase 220V power supply equipment in the distribution box of any industry room.